Gabriel Barceló   

Gabriel Barceló. Palma de Mallorca, Spain 1981, studied fine arts at Universidad de Barcelona in the specialty "Photography and audio-visual imaging", later carrying out master's degrees in "Image editing" and Photography at the ICP International Center of Photography in New York.

His training and education are complemented by studies on art in Austria with professor Ernst Fuchs and Philip Rubinov Jacobson on the painting, etching and engraving techniques of the old masters, integrating these skills and expertise in the photographic medium.

He was awarded the Extraordinary Thesis Prize by the Fine Arts School of Barcelona, as well as the Third National Prize for Academic Merit.

In 2014 he earned recognition with the Order of the Silver Cross to Civil Merit from the the Spanish Government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

His work focuses on the human figure and portraits. 

Portraits and projects